£8.39 per hour Axel

JOURNALIST Ted Jeory, who surely knows more about the often confusing world of Tower Hamlets politics than anybody else, has posted a pretty dogged analysis about all the people working as advisers for elected mayor Lutfur Rahman on his Trial By Jeory blogScroll down and you will see he wishes Camden man Axel Landin all the best for his £8.39 per hour arrangement as boundary review adviser. Ted reckons the former William Ellis pupil helps out on Lutfur’s blog among other things.

Axel is of course brother to Conrad as in Conrad’s Barmy Army, the writer and student fees protester occasionally spotted in the Question Time audience or on the stage at the Labour Party conference.

“He’s from Camden (for his sins) and he and his similarly politically active brother Conrad believe themselves to be the new Miliband brothers, I am told…”, Ted writes. From what I’ve seen and heard from them, I’d struggle to guess which one of them would agree to being ‘David’.

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  1. Axel Landin // February 21, 2012 at 9:52 pm //

    Thank you, Richard, for reproducing this terrible photo, courtesy of the best photographers Camden Council can buy…

    I’ve no idea where Ted got the Miliband idea, unfortunately these comparisons are an occupational hazard of politically-engaged families. The only similarity I can see, aside from the Camden connection, is that at my age David was paid next to nothing to work for someone the Right smeared as an extremist.

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