Lucy hearts The People’s Supermarket

HOW is the search inside Camden’s Labour Party going for a candidate for the Camden Town and Primrose Hill by-election?

The poll, caused by Tom Neumark’s move to the United States, is a real chance for anybody selected by the group to hop quickly onto the council. So, who’s in the frame? Could it be Tom ‘Coppers’ Copley, one of the architects of Labour’s 2010 boroughwide win. His name always comes up among whisperers. For everything. Or could it be tenacious play service campaigner Lucy Reese?

You can see her writing for The Guardian HERE. And a Labour party member who thinks she’d be a good bet for the by-election, bringing something fresh to the group, directs me to her mesmerising blog, where she makes us feel all nostalgic for a time when Flowered Up would film their videos on Camden council estates, among other things

Those other things, in fact, include a hearty recommendation for The People’s Supermarket in Holborn – the co-op style shop currently pleading for patience from the council over business rates payments.

“It’s genuinely inspiring,” she writes.

If Lucy does find her way onto the council, will she be among the councillors telling the ‘unique’ superstore – once the scene of David Cameron photo opportunity – it does not qualify for special treatment?

PS… I’ve lost count of the number of people who have asked me whether Jake Sumner wants to run after he wrote a Forum opinion piece about policing in last week’s Camden New Journal. People are so cynical, but wouldn’t that be a blast from the past?

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