Bob vs Sarah

HERE he comes again, Bromley MP and Conservative minister Bob Neill – see him grinning in the last post after meeting Labour councillor Tulip Siddiq at a football match – has involved himself in the row over unpaid business rates at The People’s Supermarket. Below you will find his correspondence with Camden Council and his appeal for rate relief.

The response is pretty sharply-worded from Labour cabinet councillor Sarah Hayward. You’ll see she tells him:
“I cannot understand how you can justify your actions to yourself and this petty behaviour should be beneath a government minister.”

This collection of words, given you can’t swear in official correspondence like this, is the Town Hall’s team of Labour councillors way of telling him to go and take a [error, wordpress alert, word limit exceeded, printer is offline]

 Bob Neill’s letter:

Cllr Sarah Hayward’s reply


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