A Spitting Image app

(pics: phyzog.tv)

DON’T we all miss Spitting Image? Of course we all miss Spitting Image. I’d love to see a Spitting Image with David Cameron, Nick Clegg and the Miliband brothers.

Well, The Daily Telegraph reports it’s making a comeback. Sadly, you don’t have to get too far into the article or even the headline to realise there won’t be any new puppets.

It’s all high-tech phone apps now for the switched on generation. An online satire show called Phyzog backed by former Spitters Chris Chapman and Peter Fluck goes live next month and the Tel’s article explains a bit more how it will work. In the meantime, the makers at www.phyzog.tv have sent these sketches in progress as a clue to how one of Dartmouth Park’s better known residents will appear.

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