Meanwhile, in Trafalgar Square…

THERE was something a little spooky about looking at a CCTV camera feed of a deserted Trafalgar Square this afternoon, at a time when it should have been crammed with people ambling around looking at pigeons and bashing people with big rucksacks. It had been sealed off by police due to a bomb scare.

What we learned when the cordon was lifted is that people in our city do not feel at ease at all unless somebody is guarding Trafalgar Square around the clock. As soon as the tape, people rushed back into it like the doors had opened at a One Direction gig and they were teenage fans needing to ‘get down the front’.

It was as if there was nowhere else the tourists and the rest of us could think of going in the whole of London while the police sorted things out. It was as if London would fall into the sea unless somebody is sitting on the back of one of the black lions at ALL times. Thankfully, the stampede got there in time.

Nelson was unharmed. The Olympic Countdown clock kept on ticking.

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  1. “due to a bomb square…..”

    Shurely shome mistake?

  2. Richard Osley // March 8, 2012 at 8:54 pm //

    Cheers Cllr B

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