What about Theo?

LEADERSHIP: Theo Blackwell – a constant in Labour party politics in Camden over the last ten years – is another one of the possible alternative candidates to Sarah Hayward whose views on what might happen next to the group are relevant. Here is his statement released this afternoon. It seems designed to remind members that they don’t need to tear the group apart to find a new leader, particularly in the first few days, while at the same time not ruling out a bid of his own:

“In opposition Nash stepped up and helped the party back in power even though he had a young family.  Despite all of the hard decisions we had to make, Nash threw his energies into working collaboratively and always with good nature. We now have a good opportunity to debate our future priorities openly and with equal good nature. I’m committed to Camden and providing solutions for our challenges, so of course I’m considering a bid. However, the actual election is over six weeks away, council work needs to be done, and any decision will be taken first with my colleagues.”


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  1. Chris Knight // March 14, 2012 at 6:03 pm //

    Time for camden Labour group to to a Tony Blair and adopt a song prior to the Leadership Campaign.

    Can I suggest a Simon & Garfunkle number:

    “Bridge over troubled water”

    Or maybe “There maybe trouble ahead” might be more appropriate?

  2. How depressingly typical to launch into inward-looking squabbles at a time when the party needs to be pulling together to return Labour to power in the capital and the polls show the candidates to be neck and neck?

    It smacks of shameless careerism. The self-indulgence is astounding. I have a feeling it will backfire and, whoever ends up in Nash’s office, it won’t be Sarah Hayward.

  3. Sarah Hayward has shown real leadership in the face of the biggest threat to

    Camden since the ‘motorway box’ scheme in the late 60s – High Speed Two.

    HS2 at Euston will be bigger than 17 Emirates Stadiums and the land take described as

    “minimal” by HS2 will in itself be larger than St Pancras.

    The London Box scheme promoted as being in the national interest would have dissected

    London and Camden with a series of high speed motorways. Like HS2 it was promoted

    on a predict and provide basis. Fortunately it was stopped by public opinion although

    we can imagine the West Way (a piece of it) sweeping into the proposed Camden

    spaghetti junction.

    Following in the steps of Sue Vincent who seemed almost alone in perceiving the threat

    to Camden from HS2, Cllr Sarah Hayward has mastered her brief and is not afraid to tackle

    the issues however complex and no matter how disingenuous HS2s tactics.

    Unfortunately the same cannot be said of Nash Ali who told a packed meeting on the

    Regents Park estate that he was there “to listen”. That went down well.

    Despite being invited to the Public meeting HS2 did not attend this (or any other meeting)

    Ed Watson identified the environmental credentials of the new 100% bigger Euston by

    saying that it would be better insulated.

    Putative Leadership contender Theo Blackwell has said…. well, nothing about HS2.

    As far as we know. Perhaps he has not grasped its implications for his Borough.

    Note to all parties: Even if you don’t have the energy to tackle the HS2 Euston Issue head

    on, No one will lose any votes by being against HS2.

    Keep on leading from the front Sarah. Someone has to and you will earn the admiration

    of virtually all of your Camden constituency.

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