The fastest the 29 bus ever moved…

A LOT of people were happy to see the back of the chaotic 29/N29 bendy bus trundling through Camden Town. Its reputation for fare dodging, shouting, kebab tossing, dancing, political debates, and so on went before it.

Of course, converting it back to a double-decker route allowed Boris Johnson to say he had been true to his word and scored on his promise to the rid the capital of bendy buses everywhere. Even if we all had to shell out £2.2 million to do it…

In a reply to a Freedom of Information request posted online, Transport for London say they paid financial penalties on the contract to get rid of the 29 bendy bus early. It will all apparently be made back up by the money saved on fare dodging now you can’t just hop on and off at the back door. Still, others may make up their own mind as to why the clock on the 29 contract couldn’t have been wound down to its natural expiration…

Request posted by: M Deutsch

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