Graham Coxon: All politicians are rubbish

ON the subject of Blur – see last post – guitarist Graham Coxon tells the Camden New Journal in an interview with Roisin Gad El Rab published today that he’ll leave questions about politics to others. He says: 

Tories are in power, yes, but it could be someone else and they’re all rubbish so I don’t really see the difference. I’m just a guitar player so I’ll leave that to the grown-ups.

But the weird thing is the older you get you realise when you were a kid and you saw adults and you thought they knew everything, the older you get you realise you don’t know anything more than the kids.

And unfortunately grown-ups are running this country, and if you apply that sort of logic you’re in a lot of trouble – so basically big kids are running the world and it doesn’t look good does it?

Well, when you put it like that…

UPDATED: @beaubodor tweets: ‘Does that include Dave Rowntree?’

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