A whiff-whaffing

SO we remain super bored with politicians playing table tennis for photos and votes – and one of the chief offenders is Boris Johnson, the Conservative candidate for Mayor in next month’s elections. But here is an insight into how the game has come to mean much more to him than most of the suits and ties who gather around ping-pong tables across the world to show what fun guys they are away from all of that politics stuff.

In her biography of Johnson, Just Boris: A Tale Of Blond Ambition, his former newspaper colleague Sonia Purnell reveals:

He once took his frustration out on a wall after losing a point to (his sister) Rachel at table tennis, kicking it and breaking a toe in the process. To this day, he will invest an almost indecent ruthlessness into what is supposed to be an enjoyable game of what he calls ‘whiff whaff’ and frequently seeks to assert his superiority over employees or visitors by thrashing them in games of ping-pong over the Mayoral desk at City Hall.

The idea of Kulveer Ranger or some other face around City Hall being trounced across the desk does not make for pretty mental images. Not pretty at all.

(spotted by @dawnhfoster)

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