A catch-up: Carry On being a feminist and the staggering number of gays in London

NO blogging for a week or so… a few things had to be sorted out: Easter eggs had to be eaten, feminists at Camden School for Girls had to be interviewed and Arsenal had to be worried about. And of course my Andrew Mennear biography had to be finished. So to make up ground from the last few days… a little round-up.

* The aforementioned feminists from Camden School for Girls scored a win when the Tesco near their school said they would build a higher shelf for busty lads mags like Zoo and Nuts. Rarely does a piece about anything which happens at CSG go to print without mention of the school’s famous, campaigning alumni: Sarah Brown, Fiona Millar, Emma Thompson et al.

But what would another ex-student, Marianne Stone have made of the lads mag rumpus? She died in 2009, so we can’t ask her – but Marianne was a regular in the Carry On films team – starring in nine of them including Carry On Girls, a movie about a Brighton beauty contest with lots of bums, baps, bikinis jokes told to the soundtrack of Sid James’s trademark guffaws. Marianne, who attended CSG a long, long time ago now, played Miss Drew. The film also included some bra-burning feminists determined to spoil the end of the pier show with itching powder. The CSG group have already said they are nothing like those old time cliches.

* KEN vs Boris… and the Standard are being accused again of being biased towards Boris. Below is, comic Chris Addison’s take – socking it to the man. I could be mistaken, but I think it’s the same Chris Addison who wrote a regular column for the Evening Standard after the last mayoral elections, a time when irritation about supposed pro-Boris/anti-Ken coverage in the paper – the Gilligan days – certainly seemed greater than it does now.

* Here’s some more coverage. It is BBC London covering Stonewall’s mayoral hustings at the weekend. Skip to 1 min 46 seconds – and you will learn that it is apparently “staggering” that there are so many gays in London, a “staggering” 350,000 voters in fact. It’s not quite explained why this is “staggering”. Why wouldn’t there be that number of gay voters in London? What number wouldn’t be “staggering”? Me no understand. Some people are gay, get…. and all that.

* MEANWHILE, closer to home and the pushing and shoving inside Camden’s Labour Party for top jobs at next month’s AGM may lead to a third leadership challenger coming through. Sarah Hayward and Theo Blackwell are already declared as candidates – expect some heckling from the opposition benches for those two at this Thursday’s full council meeting – to replace Nash Ali, the group leader who resigned following Sarah’s challenge. There is quite the jostle for places on what will almost certainly be a new look cabinet as well. Phil Jones, Meric Apak and Thomas Gardiner are all looking in, as is Angela Mason. The former deputy leader of the council won’t talk to me about her plans but is apparently eyeing a quick return to cabinet duty.

* EVEN if you detest the things he says, full marks to Brian Coleman for not turning greasy and coy about his objections to HS2 when out canvassing with one of the project’s architects, former Transport Secretary Philip Hammond. He didn’t mince his words: “It’s like fantasy island.” More concerning for Camden residents, perhaps, is the idea that Coleman will always target votes in Barnet ahead of those up for grabs in Camden during the life of a London Assembly administration, simply because there are more of them over there than there are over here. Next  time you see him, ask him whether he feels he gives both boroughs equal attention and you might get a candid answer.

* OVER Easter, Georgia Graham sneaked off to the Sunday Times, another CNJer joining the nationals. Good luck to her – she was only with us for a brief time but pulled in a fair few scoops while she was. Said it before, say it again – a few more hacks on the nationals could have done better to have spent some time in a local newspaper newsroom before heading straight to a place like the Sunday Times. With a bit of experience at the Ham&High and the CNJ under her belt, Georgia will do just fine.

* …and finally: It’s Johnny Cashpoint. In Camden Town, obvs.

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  1. You say pushing and shoving inside Camden’s Labour party, sounds like a load of old party shenanigans to me! Did no one inform our eager candidates that it is rude to push and shove for the top seat !

    Interesting, you say a third challenger, well, well who could that be then ! Hopefully not one or two of the names that you mention! Cllr Gardiner is the only worthy candidate for this post alongside Cllr Hayward, the rest are past their expiry date!

    You refer to a new look cabinet, is that the wooden variety.

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