Tulip for the top?


ALL anybody up the Town Hall wants to talk to me about this week is TULIP SIDDIQ – and the prospect of her standing for the leadership of the Labour group and therefore Camden Council. How far will the field widen? People have, in the great tradition  of these things, apparently ‘asked’ her to throw her hat in the ring. If she stands, she will tell colleagues that she helped the council escape hammer blows on cuts to the library budgets – an issue that other Labour cabinet members from back in the day found too hot to handle.

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  1. Asked? Ppffft. If she understood her porfolio that would be a start. Is there an election she hasn’t been ‘asked’ to run for?

    Playing politics once more by the little rich girl.

  2. Are you referring to Tulip from Amsterdam or the Tulip from Camden’s Labour party!

    It seems like our Labour party councillors are playing musical chairs once again for the top seat, of who rules the roost at the Town Hall !

    Although some may call this traditional, others may call this the pick and mix selection of potential wannabes? It seems Labour are becoming desperate by the day to introduce new hats into the ring for the leadership.

    It’s ironic when you think that Cllr Siddiq could not even save Camden in Bloom, a once a year annual flower event, let alone the integrity of the Camden Labour Party!

  3. Whilst many have criticised Councillors for being historically older, the new batch of the younger generation in Camden have naked ambition which is not backed up with any substance. Tulip is perhaps the worst of these – but others like Thomas Gardiner are just as bad.

    It’s clear that our young Councillors from all parties see local Government as a stepping stone to a Parliamentary seat. Tulip would have been best to have served as a back bench Councillor to learn the ropes instead of being made a high profile Cabinet member over night. The rumour mill has it that she applied to be the Parliamentary Candidate for the Feltham & Heston by-election and Bradford West by-election but was turned down for both.

    Julian Fulbrook must be crazy to allow such inexperienced young people to apply for the top job. And why are some of older more experienced Councillors like Pat Callaghan and Sue Vincent not throwing their hat in the ring?

  4. Sarah Hayward is also a new councillor who was given a high profile cabinet post overnight so it’s not like there’s much difference between her, Tulip and Thomas. It would be good to have Sue Vincent but she would split the left wing vote so might not win.

    Your ‘rumour mill’ is wrong by the way. I have close links with Bradford and tulip defenitely didn’t apply to become the mp there.

    I have heard that pat callaghen will be throwing her hat in the ring too.

  5. Am I reading this right, more Labour councillors throwing their hats in the ring of latley, It’s a shame they don’t throw a few pennies into the pot and a couple of resignations to go with it !

    The potential list of wannabe candidates for the post, somewhat feels me with dread now, Old and New all in one ring, mind you having said that where’s “Julian” stand in all of this, maybe he will be the late contender to try his luck!

    Although, he is more like the “scarlet pimpernel” of lately, since he and the other cabinet members increased tenant rents above inflation!

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