The Glenda punt

POLITICAL betting markets can be distorted – we know that – but Ken Livingstone drifting out to 10/3 must make disheartening reading for Labour.

BUT… remember, remember, and look at the two screenshots below: a fortnight before the 2010 general election, the same bookmakers were offering 5/1 for Glenda Jackson to be re-elected to Parliament in Hampstead and Kilburn. She came in at that price. Ken should have a chat with the escape artist and ask her how she did it.



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2 Comments on The Glenda punt

  1. Gio Spinella // April 22, 2012 at 1:01 am // Reply

    She got in by Conservaties and Lib-Dems splitting the anti-Labour vote that made over 2/3 of the vote in Hampstead & Kilburn and the Daily Mail using the Rawlins and Thrasher numbers and endorsing Fordham. Between the absence of a strong 3rd party contender and the 2 preference system, that specific dynamic won’t happen…


  2. And what is the “form” for betting on Camden’s next leader?
    It’s sad that Sue Vincent can’t be in the contest – this time.


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