The cops stay in the picture

A CORRESPONDENT texts through a blurry pic of Camden Town Underground station this morning – and asks ‘why are there so many coppers at the tube, they hiding from the rain?’ I’ve added the Olympic style arrows (see last post) to show reported hiding.

It turns out the boys in blue were there for a photo taken by a council press official, presumably to celebrate incoming manpower in NW1. But where will the glowing pictures end up? Look below the picture and you will see email correspondence circulated around the Town Hall a couple of weeks ago, the text of which shows former Conservative leader Councillor Andrew Marshall warning against anybody using pictures of police officers during election season… It was in response to advice from Borough Solicitor Andrew Maughan about election rules.


Email to Borough Solicitor and councillors:

From: Marshall, Andrew (Councillor)

Sent: 25 March 2012 09:29
To: Maughan, Andrew; Ali, Nasim (Councillor); Apak, Meric (Councillor); Birch, Sean (Councillor); Blackwell, Theo (Councillor); Bokth, Rahel (Councillor); Braithwaite, Paul (Councillor); Brayshaw, Peter (Councillor); Bryant, John (Councillor); Bucknell, Jonny (Councillor); Callaghan, Patricia (Councillor); Chung, Linda (Councillor); de Souza, Maya (Councillor); Eagling, Russell (Councillor); Eslamdoust, Maryam (Councillor); Fraser, Jill (Councillor); Freeman, Roger (Councillor); Fulbrook, Julian (Councillor); Gardiner, Thomas (Councillor); Gimson, Sally (Councillor); Gould, Georgia (Councillor); Hai, Abdul (Councillor); Harrison, Adam (Councillor); Hayward, Sarah (Councillor); Headlam-Wells, Jenny (Councillor); Jirira, Nancy (Councillor); Johnson, Heather (Councillor); Jones, Phil (Councillor); Katz, Mike (Councillor); Khatoon, Samata (Councillor); Knight, Chris (Councillor); Leach, Valerie (Councillor); Leader Of the Council; Leyland, Claire-Louise (Councillor); Mason, Angela (Councillor); Mennear, Andrew (Councillor); Moffitt, Keith (Councillor); Naylor, Chris (Councillor); Neumark, Thomas (Councillor); Nuti, Milena (Councillor); Olad, Awale (Councillor); Quadir, Abdul (Councillor); Rea, Flick (Councillor); Revah, Larraine (Councillor); Risso-Gill, Gillian (Councillor); Roberts, Kirsty (Councillor); Robinson, Roger (Councillor); Sanders, Matthew (Councillor); Siddiq, Tulip (Councillor); Simon, Tom (Councillor); Simpson, Jonathan (Councillor); Spinella, Gio (Councillor); Trott, Laura (Councillor); Vincent, Sue (Councillor); Williams, Don (Councillor)
Subject: RE: Pre-election period Mayor/GLA

Thank you Andrew.

One area I have complained about before is around police constables who are persuaded to pose for a photo with councillors/campaigners and then appear on campaign literature.  Such public sector staff are not contracted to the Council, but frankly exploiting them in this way is surely close to bringing the Council into disrepute.  Can you advise?

Councillor Andrew Marshall

Swiss Cottage Ward (Conservative)


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  1. Let’s face it, what political party within Camden, would not exploit a golden opportunity to have a photo or two to promote their own party in the run up to any election campaign!

    It’s a shame that our political masters stoop so low to entice votes, it most defiantly sends out the wrong message to us voters!

    Although, having said that it’s a shame, when the very same parties incorporate such glossy photos within leaflets that they do not elaborate further on the major cuts to these very same services!

    Whoops, something is wrong here, would it not have been a significant factor to highlight the knock – 0n – Effect of the tube strike instead!

  2. Con.Pot calling the Police kettle Black ?

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