A dark day on Tottenham Court Road

A DISTRESSING afternoon in Tottenham Court Road as an armed siege turned London into a film set for a few hours, followed by a curious disappointment on message-sharing forums like Twitter that it didn’t ultimately have more drama than a few computer screens thrown from an office window. Nobody got hurt, they are saying, be happy about that, people.

If everybody needs help coming down from watching ‘The Siege’, take a look at a disaster on Tottenham Court Road from 2004 and possibly the silliest online review of a pub ever – an example of when eat as much as you can doesn’t mean eat as much as you can. The Pint Pot has since changed names and management.

The Pint Pot has completely ruined a great pub (the old Surgeon) and turned it into a rubbish businessman’s lunch venue. The management are totally unhelpful unless you’re wearing a cr** Burton suit. When they advertised the Gammon and Chips with as many eggs as you want, I got a mouthful of abuse from the jumped up manager after I asked for 5 eggs. Apparently, you can’t have as many as you want and if you ask for a lot they punish you by taking thirty minutes longer to ‘cook the eggs’… and so on.

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  1. It appears that the perpetrator of the Tottenham Court Road siege was a BNP member who once stood for the BNP in elections The BNP does seem to attract these violent types

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