The mysterious Mr Neptune

TURNS out you can send an FOI request to Transport for London and they will send you back a CD of all the announcements used on the Overground rail network. Mine arrived this week and is full of ‘the train approaching platform…’ clips. They should prescribe it to insomniacs.

There is this file in the middle of the collection, however, which stands out like a sore thumb and which makes you wonder whether ‘Mr Neptune’ is the new ‘Inspector Sands‘ dangerman. I’ve never heard it, but my spidey-sense tells me if you hear it over the tannoy it might be time to make your excuses and leave.

LISTEN TO: OVERGROUND ANNOUNCEMENTS – Would Mr Neptune please go to the town centre immediately?

Of course, also on TfL’s CD is the classic ‘Mind The Gap’, to be played loud by Arsenal or Tottenham fans, depending on who is higher in the league table at the end of the season.


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  1. Did you have any trouble obtaining this? Seems TfL usually refuse FOI requests of audio tracks of the Underground due to copywrite issues. I would love to have the Overground tracks; perhaps I shall make a FOI request as well! :)

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