Rumble rage

I WAS worried that Camden Town and Primrose Hill by-election candidate Nigel Rumble might have done himself a mischief with a blogpost last week, just because of the electric speed from which he raced from the New Journal dispensers to his blogging screen. The Conservative runner seemed like he was in a furious rage at another week passing without the paper running an ‘exclusive’ interview with him. It’s all biased against him, he claims… this in a city where our paper for London, the Evening Standard, runs a front page editorial urging us to vote for Boris Johnson in Thursday’s main event.

After a bit of reflection, the blogpost was edited a little bit, reducing the shouty anger in the piece – but I know a few people got screen grabs before this, as they were so tickled by it.

Truth is, the Tories have never done so well in Camden Town with Primrose Hill ward and when Labour has slipped up, it’s been to the benefit of the Liberal Democrats rather than the Conservatives.

That said, the Tory vote will increase with a Boris bounce – the turnout will be higher in the council by-election because people are going to the polling stations for the mayoral contest and naturally this should lead to more votes in the Conservative tally. Labour remain confident of holding the council seat.  

But above all, Nigel shouldn’t worry that he isn’t being given as much newsprint as he wants. Forget me, Green Wing actor, Have I Got News For You host, friendly face off the telly, Primrose Hill resident Stephen Mangan has already made sure his near 100,000 followers on Twitter know exactly who he is and what he’s all about.

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  1. Good piece Richard, it tickled me to laugh out loud whilst on the campaign today! :-)

  2. As Nigel’s “Bubble Bust” or is he “Stuck in a Rut” a Conservative candidate requesting free publicity!

    Surely he recalls the ongoing “Murdoch Enquiry” there’s a man in a “white coat” who might call this a Knee Jerk reaction of some kind, but we the constituents are not fooled, we call this political suicide!

    Come on Nigel, we don’t any murky dealings going on with our Camden press, unlike your colleagues in Central Government who appear to be receiving too much press of recent !

  3. I’ve had lots of leaflets from the Labour Party – getting on to one every other day. They are all positive and their candidate seems a nice bloke. Rumble’s leaflets are overwhelmingly negative – not one thing on there to vote for him – but lots to not vote Labour. Nice!

    The Lib Dem candidate came round to our estate with his chums (they all looked about 12 years of age). Speaking to the candidate was like watching Loose Women – utterly vapid and out of his depth. He was also exceptionally negative and seemed to blame Camden Council for HS2. I’d be embarrassed to canvass with him if I was them.

    • Terry and James.
      Read my blog to learn about me as your prospective councillor for Camden Town with Primrose Hill. If you read anything negative there let me know? My campaign blog as written daily has been entirely positive.

      I enjoyed a friendly discussion only yesterday with the Labour candidate and we both shared same concerns on the Bias shown by Richard Osley of the CNJ in his piece last Thursday. I have the quote from Lazzaro Pietragnoli who said to me in Fitzroy Road that “he did not know that when he was asked to make interview for Richard Osley that it would be only the two candidates for Labour and Liberal Democrats., and he was not happy that”

      He was very appoligetic towards me. We both agreed on one thing that the press is biased.

      Terry obviously you did not read anything I had written in my blog or you would have known that what I was informing Richard Osley about was that he could have treated all candidates equally rather than show bias. And not ask for free publicity, that is entirely a fabrication from Fichard Osley and your self. I asked only for an exclusive interview to bring into balance the one I was not offered. Is that clear now.

      When I was in the Camden New Journal office the other day, even the office administrator agreed with me!

      My website blog address is

      • Dear Nigel

        I’ve read your “Blog Site” I am still none the wiser, from what was a positive start to the day, now fills me with negativity after having reviewing your “Blog”.

        Maybe you can enlighten everyone to your aims and objectives as a potential Conservative Councillor, although if my own recollection perceives me, this is not the first time you have been rejected by the good people as a councillor !

        Do not take a leaf out of your “Conservative leaders book” in relation to leadership or people skills, he has none ! The conservatives have done nothing apart from send the good people of Great Britain and Camden into an enonomic downward spiral, thus leaving many tenants and residents of this borough in severe financial hardship, fuel poverty, unemployment and a lack of affordable housing, which the past joint administration were selling off like sweeties !

        Let’s also not forget the double dip reccession!!!!! It’s a shame you don’t print this legitimate information within your party leaflets? Lets be mindful Nigel local government is not a monopoly board game, nor is the wellbeing and welfare of its constituents who suffer as a result of gross incompetence at the hands of our political masters !

        The very same message goes out to our current administration, who have acted in part “Nightmarish” and done no better to reduce hardship, instead they too made a mistake to impose further hardship on the tenants of this borough, by increasing rents and reducing services and imposing cuts to our most vulnerable ! So maybe Cllr Apak will take the smile of his face now, he too lacks the people skills needed for a councillor !

        Nonetheless, contray to belief both elected politicians and potential wannabes politicians need to be reminded that they to are answerable for their actions, when “Playing Judge & Jury ” in a game of political positioning, an advantage that does not benefit the people of Camden whatsoever !

        Your Criticism of the best reporter in Camden “Richard Osley” and the CNJ the peoples paper is very harsh, no political party has the right to suppress the freedom of the press or freedom of speech ! One thing I can assure you Nigel flattery will get you no where, not when it comes to ticking my box on election day !

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