Councillor Sore Arms

SO, apparently, Hampstead Conservative councillor Chris ‘Knighty’ Knight has a new nickname and is being referred to now as Chris ‘Sore Arms’ Knight… Seeing him (tall fella at the back with glasses) at Boris Johnson’s stop in Swiss Cottage this afternoon I thought I must be missing something. 

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  1. Osser,

    Dont forget to tell your readers to watch Old Sore Arms on BBC’s Inside Out tomorrow night when that hard working Conservative Hampstead Cllr takes on Thames water over leaks & the drought.

    Oh and by the way those of who train regularly have no problem with light weights, and thats why I love you so much!
    thanks for the publicity.


  2. Keith Sedgwick // May 1, 2012 at 11:45 pm //

    Ouch! Round one to the blue corner!

  3. Have you discovered Instagram or summat?

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