There’s a Labour voter

THE picture of Ken Livingstone’s undeniably cute pup Coco wasn’t my favourite photo of the Labour candidate’s trip to Costa in Mornington Crescent (…Ken and Boris are both fans of that particular chain HERE and HERE) this morning. No, we all love a picture of campaign organisers putting themselves in the line of fire to protect their candidate, see above.

This was the scene as an admirer, with big headphones and what looked like a bottle of ‘apple juice’, just wouldn’t leave Ken alone as first I tried to interview him and then Syma Mohammed from the Ham & High gave it a go. The picture shows Syma doing very well to carry on while two of Ken’s team try to keep the show on the road around her.

“There you go,” Ken said, as the fan promised to vote for him on Thursday. “There’s a Labour voter.”

A couple of minutes later, the man returned and shouted across the table: “Boris Johnson’s a poof, Boris Johnson’s a poof.” The larks of his insistent intrusion immediately drained away.

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  1. Perhaps Ken’s fan was getting audio prompts from Red Ed.Pod!

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