Who wins? Labour councillors decide…

THIS time tomorrow members of Camden’s Labour Party will be getting ready for a long annual general meeting in which they must choose their new leader – and therefore the new leader of Camden Council. I offer no prediction – it’s so hard to call. Only that it will probably go to a second round of voting due to the unpredictability of the vote and a run off between the top candidates. How votes are recast could be what decides who gets the big office.

Tulip Siddiq, as gossiped about on these pages, did declare as the third candidate over the weekend making it a choice between, all of whom have cabinet experience. Sarah Hayward triggered the contest, Theo Blackwell joined her calls for a fair debate and Tulip was the late entrant, no doubt telling her colleagues that she had to make her move after the London elections because she did not want anybody to be distracted from trying to get Ken Livingstone elected.

Will it be a personality contest or a choice over policies? Will Sarah be rewarded or punished for challenging Nash Ali, who then resigned? Will Theo finally make it to the top spot? Labour councillors it’s over to you.

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  1. Keith Sedgwick // May 8, 2012 at 11:50 pm //

    Given how Sarah and Theo have been thick as thieves, since, ooh, let me see, just before Sarah declared, my hunch is that one is the other’s stalking horse. The plan is Theo wins and Sarah gets a plumb post for having cleared his path. But, yikes, somebody has thrown a spanner in the works! It looks like the back-benchers aren’t content to let this coronation pass by unchallenged and have chosen Tulip as their champion, who’s been convinced to stand by Nash. Ah Theo and Sarah, you never saw that on coming!

    With Revah and Birch on Theos side with promises of being able to keep their portfolios and with Sarah given the promise of anything she wants (Housing), their just aren’t enough positions available for Theo to buy off the novice back benchers and outnumber his long serving colleagues who’ve never ‘liked’ him. Theo do the Math!

    Tulip, on the other hand has a clean slate and the help of a couple of those old hands, a couple of abstentions, and a deposed leader making the phone calls to warn novice councillors of their possible fate under Theo.

    So here’s the prediction. Tulip as leader. Oh, and should you feel inclined to rubbish my prediction, do remember it was me a year ago, on this blog, who predicted that Nash would not be leader a year on.

    • What a load of “Gobbledygook” It’s a shame Keith’s crystal ball did not extend him or his Tory pals the very same courtesy as these “Predictions” with the Labour leadership !

      Let’s recall, was it not during the last elections that he to suffered a mighty defeat as a Conservative councillor within Gospel Oak, ousted and defeated by people power ! Ouch, I bet that hurt, obviously did not see that one coming !

      There is one thing for certain from Keith’s prediction, is that politics both in Camden and Central Government are dirty !

      It’s evident to me Keith obviously feels frustrated, isolated and very lonely, hence the reasons why he feels the need to continually “Whinge” and criticise at every given opportunity. Which I can assure you that writing “Sh-t” is not the answers to your prayers of being re elected within Gospel Oak !

      Let’s face it Keith you failed as a councillor, the Conservatives are “Sinking” on a national level and that is fact, so why not abandon ship and come join the Labour party! Then you can whinge as much as you like !

    • con.sidekick // May 10, 2012 at 12:05 am //

      yes; as usual – your prediction is rubbish ! – r u surprised keith / the cons. are not !!

  2. con.sidekick // May 9, 2012 at 7:30 am //

    An Oppurtunist, A Crumbling Cookie and Historical Rookie – pick one, any one….with a little nudge from the Unions ;

  3. Tulip Supporter // May 9, 2012 at 4:01 pm //

    Bloody treason flourished over us.

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