CAMDEN Council’s new leader is set to be Sarah Hayward after she has come through a vote of Labour councillors at a private group meeting. She edged out Tulip Siddiq in a second round of voting by what was said to be a 16-14 vote. One vote away from the dead heat. Strangely, there are reports that Tulip Siddiq actually scored more votes in a first round of voting and was the most popular candidate when the group was presented with three candidates. But when Theo Blackwell was eliminated, Sarah pipped her in a second round, maybe as the result of somebody having a sudden change of heart. Now Sarah must construct her cabinet from those who are voted onto the cabinet this evening…

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  1. Anonymous Twitter fan // May 11, 2012 at 12:29 am //

    Next MP. Class act. Good nose ring gone

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