Riz Lateef was almost frozen to death…. Brent Council says: ‘Don’t blame us’

WHILE we stood around waiting for the mayoral results at City Hall on Friday night – poor Riz Lateef the anchor from BBC London had to do most of this waiting on the freezing balcony – we all, one after another, began to curse Brent and Harrow for taking ages over their count. The farcical goings on at Alexandra Palace had been hit by a power cut meaning things got started at least two hours late and more technological blips like burglar alarms being set off and broken scanning machines followed through the day. There’s only so many coffees you can drink, only so many times you can walk behind the news channel cameras, while you are waiting.

Interesting developments today then that Brent chief exec Gareth Daniel has moved to absolve his staff of blame. He is basically has written to the Greater London Authority and said it must take responsibility. The letter, leaked to the Harrow Times, says staff are ‘mildly peeved’ at the press reports suggesting they were to blame. “This is an absolute travesty of the truth,” he said. “Some constituency returning officers have said to me that they only got through the count by the skin of their teeth and I know for certain that other CROs share my profound concern about the general finger pointing and responsibility-evading tone of your press office’s statements on the day.”

A good find by the Harrow Times… and what did London Elects say when the paper asked them about it. A spokesman said they were not prepared to get into a “political spat”. Riz survived, looking a little blue, but it was close. She deserves to know who was to blame.

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  1. Riz should have frozen to death, I hate her being on the BBC London News just about every night. The race rules apply to the BBC just like everyone else, put a white presenter on for a change.

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