The unexpected return of Piers Wauchope

Piers WauchopeFORMER councillor Keith Sedgwick is the only reader to be bold enough to predict the outcome of tonight’s Camden Council leadership contest – you can read how he came to the conclusion that it will be Tulip in the comments section of the last post. Mystic Keith also reminds us that it was he that predicted on these pages that outgoing leader Nash Ali would not keep the big office.

But but but but but where was Keith or in fact any other Tory’s prediction that their former Camden chief Piers Wauchope would be re-elected as a councillor after six years out of the game? In Tunbridge Wells. For UKIP. The cost for the Conservatives of Wauchope’s return to local politics with a different coloured rosette was the crushing loss of the leader of TW Council Bob Atwood, who was unseated by Piers.

Piers, (pictured when he stood for Parliament for the Tories), who wrote ‘Camden – A Poilitical History’ after exiting the north London political scene in 2006, explained: “It’s a fantastic victory for us and the only message we wanted to get out, as far as the electorate were concerned, is that UKIP has policies that resonate with ordinary people for more than the Conservatives do now. All I want to say about Bob Atwood is that he is a good man and a good local councillor but the people in Rusthall were reluctant to vote Conservative, as they did in the past, because of the policies of the government rather than what Bob Atwood did or didn’t do.” Ouch…

Local Tories in Camden were certainly surprised, to say the least, when Piers’ name popped up on the results board on Friday with the letters U, K, I and P next to his name.

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  1. You obviously missed my tweet after the last full Council meeting indicating that a group of 7 Lib Dem councillors had voted 5-2 for Tulip with Theo in second place….

  2. Keith Sedgwick // May 9, 2012 at 4:32 pm //

    Damn it John! You’ve just jinxed my prediction! Don’t you know a Lib-dems blessing is a curse?!

  3. Richard Myers // May 9, 2012 at 8:45 pm //

    Thankyou for Piers! We are happy to have him in Tunbridge Wells. Council meetings should liven up. I’ m no longer disgusted of…….

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