The swimsuit parade

AFTER writing on these pages that Frank Dobson hardly ever talked about the London Mayoralty due to his own battle scars at the hands of Ken Livingstone, who stood against him in 2000, I was surprised to see him turn up on the BBC’s election coverage seven days ago. He was enjoying what seemed like a free hit over Brian Coleman’s defeat, castigating ‘heartless and hopeless Tories’. But listen how he skirts around the question of Livingstone’s declining popularity, dismissing the individual poll for mayor as almost descending into a swimsuit parade. As ugly as that image conjures up your mind, he has a point about the nature of the race for City Hall even it might be seasoned by his own bruising experience. It’s hard to see it changing though.

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  1. Just heard that Coleman has also been sacked from Barnet Council’s cabinet, and instead appointed chair of a scrutiny committee. This is clearly a move designed to sideline him from the administration, while buying his compliance with a generous £25k allowance.

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