An insult for our times: Odious Toad

IN the end ‘journalism’ will simply become – if it hasn’t already – a daily grind of copying and pasting ‘Twitter rants’ into newspapers and news websites. He said. She said. They said… Today’s offering is a schoolyard squabble between Joey ‘Newsnight’ Barton and Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker. After some quarreling about the football, Barton eventually messages Lineker to say ‘…now back under your stone, you odious little toad‘. What a choice of insults. Imagine if historians in the future look back on this passage of history, they may come to think ‘odious toad’ was the insult of the day. That it was commonplace. There are other exhibits: just look at Brian Coleman, the former member for Barnet and Camden on the London Assembly employing it, not on Twitter but right in his opponents’ face…

3 Comments on An insult for our times: Odious Toad

  1. A pity, as toads are far from odious creatures. Read George Orwell’s essay about toads at – I particularly like the line that ‘a toad has about the most beautiful eye of any living creature. It is like gold, or more exactly it is like the golden-coloured semi-precious stone which one sometimes sees in signet rings’. They deserve being conserved and cherished, but they are prey to strange illnesses and being run over in droves in the mating season. If you are fortunate enough to have a toad that has taken up residence in your garden, you are fortunate indeed. The same probably cannot be said if you find Joey Barton or Brian Coleman in your garden.


  2. Bufo marinus = Brian Coleman!!!


  3. Better yet,
    Bufo invisa = Brian Coleman!!!


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