They haven’t invited Brian

IN his victory speech after unseating Brian Coleman, Andrew Dismore thanked the independent bloggers who had taken great interest in the Barnet and Camden elections and particularly a general dislike for his Conservative opponent. It was a sign that animosity for Mr Coleman had stretched far beyond the irritations of Labour members.

Perhaps a further sign of the stiff resistance he faced in his final months at the London Assembly is the fact there is now to be a special party for all of those who opposed him, all of those who encouraged people to place their vote elsewhere, this weekend. The email invitation doing the rounds is to a gathering on Saturday night titled: Brian Coleman’s Retirement Party, you’re invited, he’s not. It comes with an attachment – a picture of a toad – that makes clear there is no pity whatsoever for the outgoing politician. Mr Coleman always claimed he had been unfairly targeted by online writers.

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  1. Yes. This is all about celebrating the success of lots of little, often hyper-local, non-party-political actions which added up to a massive political shift. Real, 21st century democracy in action. If you’d like an invitation, please email johnbaldy123 at


    John Baldy

  2. Chris Knight // May 23, 2012 at 11:34 am //

    Hmm! “remember your friends on the way up”

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