Dan Hodges wanted it switched off…

I HATE it when we only get half the story… but we may be doomed to wonder forever what the entertaining agitator Dan Hodges wanted ‘switched off’ in his youth. The blogger son of our Hampstead and Kilburn MP Glenda Jackson has clearly never been shy in saying what he thinks – he’s described as the ‘Blairite cuckoo in the Miliband nest’ on his Telegraph page – but the mystery here is what he was lobbying his mum about, back in the day.

A letter being auctioned on eBay reveals Glenda writing to a movie fan: Thank you for your letter. I’m sorry about the trouble with your son. My son wanted it switched off. If you’d like to write to Universal Pictures they might be able to help you with the pictures.

But what on earth was she replying to?

The letter can be yours for £9.99.

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