What went down at Fortismere?

FROM what I remember at my old school, Fortismere in Muswell Hill, the last day before exam leave always saw an egg and flour ‘fight’. It seems in the years that have passed since I left, and there have been quite a few now, this final day of official school for GCSE students has been rebranded as a fancy dress celebration. The Ham and High and the Hornsey Journal report sightings of a dinosaur and Superman up there last week, which all sounds a lot less messy, a little less aggressive.

But the story this time around is that the school feared the jocular fancy dress outing was heading back to the flour and egg days of the golden generation (as I call our year group, sadly without anybody else joining in) and tried to put a stop to the ‘fun’. This led to a protest in North Wing corridors.

In the old days of reporting these kind of things in schools, local reporters collated patchy accounts of what had happened and there was a danger of exaggerating an impromptu student protest or perhaps not fully appreciating its magnitude. Now, the kids are putting it all on YouTube…. and it’s quite unsettling. Halfway through the film a teacher appeals for ‘decorum’.

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