Dear Liz: We saw this and thought of you

THEY were walking down the Jubilee Line tracks earlier in the week after a breakdown near St John’s Wood. The line has a bit of a stinky reputation among some of its regular users, BUT never mind about all of those delays and power faults… there’s more important things for MPs to worry about. Like re-naming the line in honour of the Queen.

Labour MP Seema Malhotra, who represents Feltham and Heston, ended the week by asking the House of Commons to get serious about the idea of re-branding it as the ‘Elizabeth Jubilee Line’. She puts down an Early Day Motion which reads:

That this House expresses its profound gratitude to Her Majesty The Queen for her dedication to public service; welcomes the opportunities over the coming months that the nation will have to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee, a landmark that only Her Majesty and Queen Victoria have reached out of the 41 monarchs who have reigned in England and the UK since William the Conqueror; notes that the Jubilee tube line is so named in celebration of Her Majesty’s Silver Jubilee in 1977; and, in celebration of Her Majesty becoming only the second Monarch to reign for an exceptional 60 years, calls for the Jubilee Line to be renamed the Elizabeth Jubilee Line, to commemorate the great occasion of this Diamond Jubilee year.

It’s not for to say this all sounds a bit sucky – others can do that. More to the point, if Seema really wants to honour the Queen, maybe naming a misfiring tube line where more than 700 passengers have to traipse down the tracks might not be as lovely a gift as she intends.

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  1. Barry Edwards // May 27, 2012 at 7:41 pm //

    Rename it the “Boris Misery Line”?

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