Network charges apply

LOTS of bus stops in north London have seen their dot-matrix information boards taken out of the shelters. Not sure why – I always thought they were helpful. They weren’t always spot on, but they were a decent enough guide. Now, if you want to know when the next bus is due at one of these stops you have to text a number advertised by Transport for London on the pillar. You text it, they text you back with what’s coming when.

It all whiffs like a swizz to me. Service and network charges apply, as the sign says. So a free-for-all information board, helpful to anybody who hasn’t got the iPhone bus times app (and anybody with the iPhone bus times app and a drained battery) has been replaced with a charged text service.

And the bus stops are left with emergency tape covering where the information board used to be.

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1 Comment on Network charges apply

  1. Chris Knight // May 28, 2012 at 2:57 pm // Reply

    Hmm! Osser,
    A Swizz its daylight robbery! and what if you are phoneless as many older residents are ?
    Total nonsense


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