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THE summer sports diary thing is back in the New Journal, and this week I was on about how it’s ok to say that some aspects of the London Olympics have been pretty distasteful. We should all be allowed to say that without being told that we are worse than fun-spoiling Blutos, and doing so doesn’t preclude us from enjoying the sport when it actually takes place.

One of the things that has irritated many is the heavy, heavy sponsorship and commercial marketing of London 2012, stripping a layer of simple charm from the Olympics. We can all appreciate that you can’t put the Olympics show on without help from private sponsors and we’d moan even more if the bill to the public rocketed any further, but somewhere along the line the simple premise of bringing the world together, simply to unite in throwing discuses or diving from up high has been twisted.

Now, we love HOB salons in Camden Town, a thriving business by the Lock. And we love Camden Town Unlimited’s Simon Pitkeathley’s YouTube videos – I’ve said before that his effortless style with the mic says to me that he should be presenting on T4 or something.

But when you watch this little CTU flick from former Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies visit to Camden Town, I challenge your mind not to jar as soon as the sponsors names are crammed into the one minute and thirteen seconds of chat.



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  1. Simon P’s hair looks “cooler” than Sharron’s silly bunches.
    He deserves half her P & G bung.

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