Unloaded: A win for the Camden School for Girls feminists?

A SCORELINE just in: Camden School for Girls feminists 1 Nuts and Loaded 0.

Those paying attention will remember the CSG feminist group were campaigning to get the fruitiest lads mags pushed to the top shelf at the Tesco opposite their school. They felt it degrading to be forced to look at women in their underwear every day as they went in for a sandwich and a drink. The shop has had a bit of refurb and one of the group sends through this picture of the magazine rack: Not a bra in sight.

Campaigner Isabella Woolford Diaz writes: “I was only expecting a new top shelf, so total lads mags abolishment was a great surprise.” That’s chalked up as a win then, but don’t bet on them stopping at this achievement.

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  1. John Cooper // June 17, 2012 at 11:24 pm //

    The feminists at Camden School for Girls need to `get a life`. `Feminist brainwashing` at the school has produced a repressed, perverted view of sexuality, whereby feminine beauty is
    seen as a `negative` and `threatening`. I suggest that these girls go and live in Saudi Arabia,
    as the culture there will be more congenial for their sensibilities .. . . I certainly don’t want to
    live in a culture which stigmatizes harmless pictures of healthy, 18+-year old girls in underwear.

    My nephew’s girlfriend models for the magazines mentioned . . . I have more respect for
    her than I have for these retro- feminists – a throw back to the bad old days of
    Mary Whitehouse, who used to sit around counting ` nipples` on TV shows.

    • Cool, John. Next time you complain about any aspect of your life I’ll tell you to move to a developing country. Typical whataboutery.

  2. Caroline // June 26, 2012 at 6:36 pm //

    Well done Camden School For Girls

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