Former Conservative leader: ‘Lethal Bizzle looked surly’

RAP star Lethal Bizzle was on the box tonight with his record Three Little Words, the official England tune for Euro 2012. GOAL! (See below)

Mr Bizzle, you know?, should certainly be familiar at Camden Town Hall. As a younger man, then part of the More Fire Crew he was hired by the council to help encourage residents to get out there and VOTE ahead of the 2002 local elections.

This just so happened to be the time when the then Conservative group leader Councillor Piers Wauchope was at the height of his irritation with the then Town Hall leader Dame Jane Roberts and her Labour regime. You can tell he was at the height of his irritation because of his ultra-cynical account of Lethal’s contribution in his book Camden: A Political History. Piers (now a UKIP councillor in Tunbridge Wells) wrote:

The council ensured that the voters were guided by a glossy purple card distributed by the council (complete with Camden logo) on which was a photograph of the gangsta rappers More Fire Crew: four surly, baggy trousered black youths making V signs for the camera. The caption read: More Fire Crew Say Oi vote!

While Piers knew that on the streets gangster was often spelt ‘gangsta’, he didn’t seem to appreciate that Lethal Bizzle’s group’s main track was called ‘Oi’ and that’s why the campaign slogan was worded as it was. He added in a sarcky footnote: Unhappily, the records of Ozzie, Shaunie, Neeko and Lethal Bizzle were not disclosed.

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