Oh Arse… nal.

THERE was a bizarre passage of evidence at an employment tribunal brought against the Daily Telegraph yesterday. The paper rejects a claim that it unfairly dismissed parliamentary sketch-writer Andrew Gimson and also strongly rejects the allegation of age discrimination. When deputy editor Benedict Brogan was being cross-examined about the case at the tribunal service’s HQ in Holborn, he was asked by Mr Gimson’s lawyer why in one of his emails he had suddenly used the word ‘Arsenal’? He was asked whether it was something to do with football or possibly a code for a rude word. In an odd to and fro, Mr Brogan eventually said ‘Arsenal’ was shorthand for ‘Arse’ and used here just as a measure of ‘fleeting frustration’. The panel’s chairman looked puzzled and said that ‘Arsenal’ was a longer word than ‘Arse’.

Mr Brogan reminded the tribunal that emails were written with the reasonable expectation that they would not be disclosed. He also reminded the room that it would not be a big surprise to find blunt term being used by journalists.

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  1. David Boothroyd // June 21, 2012 at 9:20 am //

    Had the lawyers never heard of Eric Morecambe?

  2. William // June 22, 2012 at 7:17 pm //

    Unfortunately, Mr. Borgen was being very kind when he used the “Arsenil” term. Mr. Gimson’s “sketches” are neither humorous, accurate nor amusing! Please put the dinosaur out to pasture (swamp).

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