A familiar face and a familiar argument

LEFT-WING blogging machine Political Scrapbook plays hardball with Conservative MP Nicky Morgan this afternoon, arguing that an irked tweet about changes to her constituency hospital amount to hypocrisy when contrasted with national government policy. It’s another story about a tweet which probably wouldn’t have been ok’d by central office’s press office had they seen it before the send button was pressed. Still, Hazel Blears springs to mind when reading it. They all do stuff like this, don’t they? 

Those with long memories will remember Nicky from her impossible tilt at Islington South at the General Election in 2001. She was later elected in Loughborough among the Conservative Party’s incoming two thousand and tenners. A few Tories in the north of Camden know her well too. I was told many times she once lived in a very nice road in West Hampstead. My reaction to that was always: why didn’t the party ever let her do a stint as a councillor at the Town Hall?

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  1. David Douglas // July 15, 2012 at 12:29 pm //

    Sumatra Rd – was one f 6 members of Hampstead & Kilburn Conservatives elected on 5 May 2010. Shame Chris Philp wan’t lucky 7

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