Guilty in the court of Sarah Hayward

SHE wrote it before she became the leader of Camden Council, but it is nonetheless interesting to see how the current boss at the Town Hall Sarah Hayward analysed the John Terry/Anton Ferdinand case before any evidence had been heard in court and today’s ‘not guilty’ verdict had been reached.

I’m not going to quote too much from it, just in case. I don’t know whether it was in contempt of court before the case (I know we couldn’t have printed it in the New Journal) or is now defamatory as Terry has been cleared (I’m still not sure we’d take the risk of publishing something like this in the paper). Beyond that it is fanciful of course to even imagine a super-rich Premiership football like Terry suing the leader of the council over her blog. Still, here is Sarah explaining why ‘even a not guity verdict will not convince me…’. Interesting reading.

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