The tribunal that never was

GIVEN the popularity of media stories in our national newspapers right now, on their websites and in their diary columns, it was puzzling to see that none of them really seemed interested in a well-established parliamentary sketch-writer Andrew Gimson taking on the Daily Telegraph, one of our most important national newspapers, at an employment tribunal last month.

Gimson, whose wife, Sally, is a Labour councillor in Highgate, claims he was forced out and cites age discrimination. The newspaper refutes all of these allegations and says he was offered work with it as a leader writer.

The public gallery at the tribunal in Holborn was almost empty of journalists when the Daily Telegraph‘s most senior figures, its editor and deputy editor, were cross-examined and were asked questions about stuff such as anger management. Everything was refuted on oath. Of the lack of wider reporting, I simply can’t believe the explanations for the radio silence offered in this week’s Private Eye, which I won’t repeat here. Surely they can’t be true. No. No. Surely not. No.

A verdict is due shortly in the case. We’ll have to keep our eyes extra peeled if we want to see the result.

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