The suits at the UCL Academy

I WENT to a school where was no school uniform so the Jets and Sharks in the playground were divided on the grounds of who had Nike Air Max trainers and the saps who wore Golas. One of the arguments in favour of school uniforms is that there is none of this competition about who wears what, as everybody wears the same thing no matter what trainers your family can afford.

The new UCL Academy in Swiss Cottage is having one. It has plumped for a blue and grey uniform, which parents can buy later this week ahead of the school’s, the academy’s delayed opening after the summer holidays. Sixth-formers, however, won’t get to dress down once they hit their A-Levels like they used to in Grange Hill. No – they will be asked to wear ‘business dress’ to school, to academy, which the most heartless of cynics would intepretate as all dressing up like contestants on the Young Apprentice. Whether that’s true or not, the guide on the website explains you can buy a suit for near £300 at John Lewis… or go for a cheaper version at Asda and Matalan. Let’s hope the A-Level students aren’t mean enough to compare their silky suit linings. It could lead to some upset for the Gola kids. 

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  1. This really isn’t the case. Clothes are required to be smart at the UCL Academy, but these prices are simply numbers put with a select few possible clothing items.
    Having been witness to the students, I can affirm that many come to school in pastel jumpers and skirts – or other smart casual items. After big exams they may come in casual.
    It’s not about the suits, but looking like you’re ready to learn.

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