Everything stops for the Olympics

PANIC among councillors the Town Hall. Olympic-mania has seen weekly van deliveries to their homes cancelled and leaving them having to pick up their paperwork on foot from King’s Cross.

Members were told in a group email:“During the Olympic period, officers will be working hard to minimise any disruption to the support services that you receive from democratic services. One area where service will inevitably be impacted is the weekly Wednesday van delivery for members’ post.”

Of course, Boris Johnson telling us how busy London is going to be on constant loop – at the station, on the buses, you never know where he’s going to pop up next, check your sheds and garages, look under your bonfires before lighting – has meant the streets have pretty much been clear and councillors are wondering why their weekly routines have been put on ice.

Two or three councillors have put their irritation in writing by return email. Perhaps, Lib Dem Paul Braithwaite summed the frustration at London’s everything-stoppism most concisely. Here’s the text to his email to officers:

This isn’t very satisfactory. The world shouldn’t stop and I really don’t think it’s beyond our drivers resourcefulness to get around. One delivery each week is minimal enough but to suspend it for three Wednesdays. I protest that this is a step too far.


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  1. I must be fair to officers: They have responded. Having had the weekend to think on, the reply was that the delivery of the week’s worth of Council mail to about 40 Councillors’ homes is re-instated for tomorrow – prior to a reassessment.

  2. Chris Knight // July 31, 2012 at 11:50 am //

    OK all a bit inconvienent but the current routine is only one delivery per week and if Cllrs ain’t in the Town Hall more than thrice a week on other matters then when they could pick up their own post they are on a very cushy number!
    In the words of a certain Tory Lord ” on yer bike” and pick it up yourself this has after all been caused by the greatest event to hit London and thousands of folk have given up their time to make a success, surley picking up your own post is not a drama.

  3. The Beast of Belsize! // July 31, 2012 at 1:19 pm //

    Just had an email from my old chum Braithers (Cllr Braithwaite) my comment was a general one and not aimed at him, simply put its a small sacrifice to make to pick up your own mail when in the Town Hall after all London 2012 is the greatest show on earth.

    Sorry Braithers I was not having a pop at you!

    Love & Kisses


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