High Speed double bass

IDEAS about how Euston station could look if the HS2 rail link ever gets built were shown at a conference in Bloomsbury recently. HS2 Limited stress these are not actually formal designs and have not been submitted for planning permission. Think of them more of a rough idea of how Euston could be transformed under the scheme. All very interesting – but don’t tell me your eyes aren’t drawn to the man standing on the concourse with a musical instrument. Tom Foot described it as a cello in today’s New Journal. Others are in Team Double Bass. Whatever it is, it’s one to file in the ‘curious people drawn into artist’s impressions’ folder, already containing Mr Windmill Dance jiving away in King’s Cross. I always think these characters are in there are as some sort of secret architect’s code… has anybody cracked it?

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  1. As you say it’s an image that has been cobbled together and relates to nothing.

    This is more like it.


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