The Olympic opening ceremony? Just run a computer simulation

HAS everybody got the Olympics bug? It’s a tricky one: a few Brit golds and some fantastic sporting drama have soothed the frustration of people who can’t beat the odds on the Locog ticket website and have instead had to stare at the Facebook and Twitter feeds of cheap seat vistas uploaded by friends who did make it inside.

For all the fun, there will be people out there counting down the days before it all comes to an end next weekend.

Our former London Assembly Camden and Barnet Brian Coleman famously hates the Olympics. He might be one of them. During this fortnight off from worrying about what the future holds, why not revisit his Olympics column in the Barnet Times, a newspaper he seemed to find less appealing as his election defeat earlier this year grew nearer. Winning gold in Beijing four years ago meant collecting a prize that was “tainted in blood”.

And what of the London 2012 opening ceremony, an event which melted some of the grinchiest cynics? How would Brian have done it? “Cut the opening ceremony and just have a computer computer simulation instead.”

He’s gone, but there’s a few hacks who’ll miss fondness for plain-talking and controversy.

(Clipping via Coleman’s Got To Go)

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