Don’t blame us…

PICTURE the ragey scene when Eric Pickles sees this. I think he’s going to have a cob on about this. He’s already warned local authorities that they should not be making political points in its advertising. But new adverts from the Town Hall planned for bus stops in Camden clearly mark out that it is ‘central government’ – read: the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats – to blame for benefit cuts. As noted the last time Camden did this, most people reading this will simply see: CUTS? It was them wot done it.


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  1. Whoops, seems like our elected ones and high calibre officers, are in a bit of an “Eric Pickles” with this one!

    This is an typical example of our unruly politicians throwing their toys out of the pram, playing the usual game of ping pong of “Don’t blame us, blame them” scenario to the detriment of the electorate, who pay for the privilege of watching our elected ones gaining political points against one another, how dirty is that !

    The toxic propaganda being spread by all political parties within Camden is shamful to the extent, they have lost touch with the ordinary people of this borough, there is nothing whatsoever productive or positive about their lack of “duty of care” towards the electorate of this borough.

    The negativity and lack of representation or active community action plan from the elected ones is a shambles, you have done nothing but promote insecurity amongst tenants, I can assure you that there is a community trust issue which will only lead to promoting independent councillors, who by virtue and due diliegence will work together in a united partnership to oppose the Welfare Reforms Act, and it’s indiscriminate attack on the boroughs most vulnerable and low income families.

    Needless, to say whether the coalition government and Eric Pickles like it or not, they are the source to the discriminative attack on the boroughs most vulnerable! Although your comments that Mr Pickles could get a cob on, this I doubt very much, looking at his facial expression I doubt if he could raise a smile through breaking wind!

    My words to all political parties is as follows, Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it, misdiagnosing it, and then misapplying the wrong remedies as in this case of the Welfare Reforms Act !!!!!

  2. con-sidekick // August 14, 2012 at 5:09 am //

    ‘The individual has little reason to fear any general laws which the majority may pass, but he has much reason to fear the rulers it may put over him to implement its directions. It is not the powers which democratic assemblies can effectively wield but the powers which they hand over to the administrators charged with the achievement of particular goals that constitute the danger to individual freedom today. Having agreed that the majority should prescribe rules which we will obey in pursuit of our individual aims, we find ourselves more and more subjected to the orders and the arbitrary will of its agents. Significantly enough, we find not only that most of the supporters of unlimited democracy soon become defenders of arbitrariness and of the view that we should trust experts to decide what is good for the community, but that the most enthusiastic supporters of such unlimited powers of the majority are often those very administrators who know best that, once such powers are assumed, it will be they and not the majority who will in fact exercise them. If anything has been demonstrated by modern experience in these matters, it is that, once wide coercive powers are given to governmental agencies for particular purposes, such powers cannot be effectively controlled by democratic assemblies. If the latter do not themselves determine the means to be employed, the decisions of their agents will be more or less arbitrary.

    General considerations and recent experience both show that democracy will remain effective only so long as government in its coercive action confines itself to tasks that can be carried out democratically. If democracy is a means of preserving liberty, then individual liberty is no less an essential condition for the working of democracy.’

    The Constitution of Liberty
    F A Hayek

  3. Typical, the author of the above in my opinion is someone, who knows nothing and thinks he knows everything. This clearly points to someone with an atitude and ambition for a political career within Camden!!!!!

    Nevermind, if you think nobody in Camden Council cares if you’re alive or dead, try missing a couple of council tax payments and you will be shocked how much they and Cllr Blackwell will really miss you!!!!!

  4. Interesting, are any of our Camden Councillors worthy of our votes or even to be trusted to act in the genuine interests of the people.

    The answer is simply “NO” not content with spouting political rubbish at every given opportunity, they have turned their backs on those most in need of support, YES the vulnerable ones on the receiving end of the coalitions flawed Welfare Reforms Act.

    Does the Labour Administration think we the vulnerable ones are “fools” not to understand the impact and implications of these reforms. Then maybe the administration and Cllr Blackwell should be informing us of the cuts to Council Tax and to disclose to us which groups will be directly affected, or failing that maybe Camden Council officers can enlighten us all to the pending bedroom tax as well? As sooner or later Cllr Blackwell and cabinet members will want the shirts off our backs, instead of food for our children?

    It’s disgraceful when you think ” we hang petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office” it seems our number cruncher Cabinet Member Cllr Blackwell has everything figured out to blance the books, except how we the vulnerable ones are expected to live.

    Shame on our Labour Leader, it seems your cabinet members are blanced too far to the right to serve the interests of the borough in a time of need.

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