Draw something

YOU read it here first that ‘the art students’ were going to put up a musical board of yellow and black balls for us to play with outside King’s Cross station. Coming back through there last night, it seemed only right that this form of artistic communication should be used to let busy people know how Robin Van Persie’s Manchester United debut had gone earlier in the evening (HE, MAN UTD LOST!).

But it’s not just childish football scores that have been spun into place on the interactive board of yellow and black balls. Follow this link and see how people have written ‘PEACE’, ‘PICKLE JAR’ and ‘I LOVE TREES’. Oh, and somebody couldn’t resist drawing something akin to thing you used to see scrawled by adolescent jokers on school textbooks… you know the thing, the thing.

It makes me feel very grown up to have stopped with ‘MAN.U LOST’ but more tellingly underlines the unbreakable predictability that if you give a blank canvass to the general public somebody, someone, will eventually draw something that looks like you know what. It’s probably how the monkeys and typewriters theory works.


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