Kirsty calls it a day

IT’S rather sad for the Conservatives to be losing Kirsty Roberts, the councillor who resigned this week in Hampstead Town. But it’s not just the Tories who will know why. Members in other groups will be keenly aware that she falls into the more progressive group of councillors determined to make the most of the role while they are at the Town Hall (regardless of which political party they represent).

You see, there is a clear difference between councillors who coast through their four years on the council, hardly uttering a word at meetings and rarely seen out campaigning (we all know who we’re talking about), and those who put their back into it. Kirsty was one of the latter and that earns respect from opposing groups.

In Kirsty’s case, she got her teeth into licensing controls and then, horrified by things she had learned about human trafficking, she campaigned against modern day slavery. I used to joke with her that she, Lulu Mitchell and Rebecca Hossack, who quickly struck up a warm friendship, were livening up the Conservative group during their four years as elected councillors up to 2010. They made a change from men in suits addressing themselves by their surnames, but Kirsty wasn’t just in it for the lovely parties held in Rebecca Hossack’s gallery in Fitzrovia.

She put the hours in and on the face of it that attitude led to a workload she struggled to juggle. She needed some ‘me time’ and will ultimately relocate to the United States. She can say hello to the last councillor to resign, Labour’s Thomas Neumark, over there.

Lib Dem councillor Keith Moffitt told me once that to be a councillor properly, really properly, takes at the very, very least an extra 15 hours a week on top of your professional work. It is during weeks like this that you wonder how many of us could find that number of hours to devote on top of a day job?

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  1. Chris Knight // August 25, 2012 at 9:39 am //

    Thanks Richard for your kind words all of which are totally justified. Kirsty abilities and dedication have been an humungus asset to this Council and I know from conversations at the Town that from senior officers and officers down the scale will sadly miss her.
    Having Kirsty on the team promoted confidence I always knew that when I passed the ball I never had to look because I knew she would be the and vice versa.
    I think Keiths commentabout 15 hours is a little Conservative, I would be a great deal more Liberal
    any candidate for Hampstead Town Ward. Should consider it a full time job if they want to succeed in the Ward! (excuse the pun)

  2. Cllr Knight

    How, mellow dramatic can one get these days, soon it will be crocodile tears!

    Have you ever considered taking drama classes or shown any interest of being an agony aunt for the papers. I doubt that very much with this tacky piece you have written about Kirsty.

    One thing is for sure don’t pass the ball without looking first, as good old Kirsty won’t be there to instil or promote the confidence you desire as a councillor.

    You talk as if you work full time for your community, if this is the case then what are you doing for the community that is falling victim to your governments Welfare Reforms! Go on Chris give the people some examples of what you have done for your communityor intend to do to limit the pending hardship?

    Or is this question too much to bear, or is it going to be a NO comment just like Cllr Jonny B aka the “Axe man” , who lost his voice somewhere along the way too. Hopefully both you and Jonny will take a leaf out of Cllr Roberts book and step down!

    You have lost touch with the constituents of your wards!! So jog on and find a new part time job, as equally this message goes to all elected councillors of all parties, who sit in silence and reap the rewards of a public wage for doing nothing more than a few meetings here and there!

  3. Chris Knight // August 29, 2012 at 4:14 pm //

    Dear Mr B Shanker,

    I suggest you come out of hiding from behind you laptop and put your real name down for election and try it for yourself, do nothing armchair snipers like you are simply not worth bothering with.

    So cheerio Mr Shanker find something else to moan about dont waste my time i have serious work to do!

    • Richard Osley // August 29, 2012 at 4:28 pm //

      Fair point by Chris, surely. Why don’t you all leave your real names? Would make the debate better.

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