The Google girl

YOU wonder whether Google Streetview has signed up for a bit of a ‘painting the Forth Bridge’ style job in its attempts to document the whole world. As soon as the job is complete, they surely have to start again. It updated with new pictures earlier in the summer but already this scene in Kentish Town Road is wrong… that Banksy artwork protected by a frame and screen bit the dust a fair few weeks ago now.

Perhaps more interesting is the idea that people snapped going about their daily business by the Googlecam would have their faces blurred out in the photos, for a bit of privacy. When the service was first unveiled in 2009, one woman caught by the roving lens in Belsize Park told the New Journal: ‘It feels like a spy movie, it’s worse than the paparazzi’. Looking again at this Kentish Town Road shot… what measures have been taken for the woman at the crossroads? Did she tick a box saying ‘no blur effect please’?

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