Chris says ‘no’ to another tilt at Hampstead and Kilburn

Chris Philp and George OsbourneWITH the Conservative Party getting to ready to select general election candidates on the basis of existing boundaries, who will they pick for Hampstead and Kilburn? Well, it will be a new face on the campaign trail. Chris Philp, the candidate who was just 42 votes from beating Labour’s Glenda Jackson in 2010, says he will be passing on the baton to give somebody else a go.

He tells me: “Sadly, I’ve decided not to stand again in H&K – I feel that I gave it everything I could in the four years I was the candidate leading up to 2010, and that it’s now time to let someone else have a crack at the seat. The local team of volunteers, party officers (led by Chairman Havard Hughes) and the agent David Douglas are fantastic, and whoever is the candidate next time will be lucky to be working with a very, very good (and battle-hardened) team. I think we can definitely win the seat – the collapsing Lib Dem vote is there to be won over – and as the most marginal seat in the country, it is sure to be a high-profile fight.”

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