Corbyn plays pop


Pic: Numerius/FlickR

ISLINGTON North’s Jeremy Corbyn is one of the MPs sponsoring a new motion aimed at banning supersize fizzy pop.

He wants the UK to follow the lead of New York where big buckets of cola are being outlawed in an attempt to tackle obesity and reduce the prospect of more people developing diabetes. (The motion only has two signatures… the other being slimline Keith Vaz – that’s one less politician than the number of MPs voting to thank Chris Moyles for his work on the Radio One breakfast show)

Under the new rules, drinks in NYC must not max out 16 fluid ounces – a limit lower than the 500ml bottles of Coke available in most newsagents. The get-out for those bottles has always been that the top can be fastened and the drink might not be guzzled all at once. I’ve seen the kids on the 29 bus do that all the time… ‘ooh, that’s a bit sweet, I think I’ll save some for tomorrow’.

It partly explains the extinction of something people with long enough memories to recall a time when Seven-Eleven opened up on various street corners may recall… the Supercan. Also 500ml, but as big as a can of Super Tennents, they made kids look like they were street drinkers. Despite this, 450 people have still signed the customary ‘Bring Back The Supercan‘ petition. Jeremy will want a dislike button for that.

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