Simon’s day in the desert

SIMON ‘Mangalore’ Marcus was beaming ear to ear after winning the Hampstead Town by-election. He won it at a canter.

But Cllr M hasn’t always made the final cut. In a past life, our newest Camden councillor posed for an album cover for the unfathomably popular rock band Muse. There Simon was, flown to the middle of the desert, sitting around a table with three lookalikes in shiny suits.

Unfortunately, although he features in some of photographer’s Storm Thorgerson’s favoured final prints – you can see him at the table, facing towards the camera HERE – he was axed for the final cover of Black Holes And Revelations for somebody else. It went on, the internet says, to become some big news, iconic album cover for the millions of Muse fans, iconic enough to be recreated in Lego – the top level of being iconic.

Is he a big Muse fan? “They’ve got one or two catchy songs,” he told me.

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