The statue will be made of tough stuff

ONE of the talking points in Camden this week is whether the garden squares in the south of the borough are becoming a little crowded with statues and memorial busts

The council’s planning committee will decide on Thursday whether a bust of Noor Inayat Khan should be erected in Gordon Square. Her life story, a British Intelligence operative sent to help the French resistance, is inspiring. The debate is not really about whether she is deserving of a local tribute, obviously she is.

The debate is over whether a line needs to be drawn to limit the number of busts and statues appearing in these squares. Bloomsbury councillor Adam Harrison warned that a policy needs to be agreed to stop them becoming ‘memorial parks’. That’s a view English Heritage sign up to as well.

But, before the brakes are applied… who was next in the queue for a statue in Bloomsbury? Well, plans are afoot to honour none other than Christopher Hitchens with a statue in central London. In fact, there is a petition for this to happen.


The Christopher Hitchens Memorial Campaign’s lobby sheet reads:


Dear Mr. Cameron and Mr. Clegg,


We the undersigned ask you to please give permission and a plot for a memorial statue in a prime position within the City of London, honouring national treasure Christopher Hitchens for his contributions to the UK and the world. We will raise the funds and build it, we just need the place and permission.


The statue will be made of tough stuff, as he was, and we will accept suggestions and/or votes from his many fans as to which of his numerous famous quotes to have on the plaque.


The statue could be crafted using the famous, iconic picture of Christopher in the trench coat, as seen on the home of this petition at


Please also consider that Hitch is one of a group of great thinkers, and that when the time comes we will be asking for statues of them too, keeping them all together in a “Skeptics Corner” or something would be great.


*NB: As people have commented, Christopher was dual nationality, we are therefore planning to try to use these same signatures to request something similar in Washington DC too.


Thank you. 


Anybody wondering what a bust of Hitch could look like… click HERE.


2 Comments on The statue will be made of tough stuff

  1. Andrew Baisley // October 18, 2012 at 5:05 pm //

    The council could always flush away the three silver poos in Goldington Crescent Gardens, that would make some space for a bust but preferably not Hitch’s.

  2. diederick kraaijeveld // October 19, 2012 at 3:18 pm //

    Dear Richard, could you please update me on the decision of the planning chiefs? My wife is related to Noor and our whole family already planned a trip (from The Netherlands, where we live) to be present at the unveiling. It would be a bit of a dissapointment to be there and nothing happens…..
    thank you!

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