UCL Academy delays: ‘We’ll all look back and laugh’

The new UCL Academy school’s headteacher principal Geraldine Davies suggested recently that her patience was wearing thin when fresh delays to the opening of the new school in Swiss Cottage were announced. But contractors BAM seem to be pulling back some PR points – with the kids at least. The new academy’s website publishes its first student blog in which one of the pupils still waiting to see what the new buildings will look like (it was meant to open in September) talks about a meeting with the builders. The account (READ IN FULL HERE) has an air of we’ll all laugh about this some day:

I’m sure that this experience today will be one that I will always remember and I’m 100% positive that when the time finally comes for us to move into the amazing Swiss Cottage building we will be laughing back at this meeting thinking ‘this was well worth the wait’, but for now as UCL Academy Level 3 students we will keep your heads held high and plough through this roller-coaster experience as after all we’re learning to make a difference together!.

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