The Glenda Jackson letters

THERE’S always a heap of stuff on eBay for fans of our MP for Hampstead and Kilburn to buy. A lot of the listings are attic-stored letters in which Glenda Jackson mechanically responded to requests for autographs during her acting days.

There’s also some pretty striking publicity photos from her Oscar-winning career. This ONE shows facing up to Walter Mathau was always more fun than taking on Chris Philp at the ballot box – and take a look at this ONE, really, I didn’t know where to look.

But perhaps more interesting are the letters she has written in her second career, in political office. This one – offered for a tenner on the site last week – gives an insight on how often MPs are asked for personal donations out of the blue. She was responding to a man in Derby. I also, naturally, like the faith she shows here in the power of the local press.



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